Waze is an android app that helps you know what’s happening on the road quickly and correctly. In addition to the way, an updated Waze gives you important updates on police, traffic, diversions, crashes, and other related information that also in real-time. It will provide you with a modified root. For example, if there is traffic on roads, it will change the route depending on the time it will take and flashes the shortest route on your device’s screen.

Some amazing benefits of an Updated WAZE are the following:

  • Updated Traffic, police, accident alerts and much more on your drive with the help of this amazing android app.

  • Provide you with the best route available

  • Your Estimated Time Arrival will be based on real-time traffic data that can be shared with your friends and colleagues as well.

  • Find the cheapest gas station in your route and save your bucks for some extra fun during your road trips.

  • Use Waze on your car’s display

  • Audio support for a hassle free driving experience

Recent Waze Update: In the recent update waze added some more to the ETA screen. You will now get the traffic forecast about on you’re before starting your journey. In addition to this waze has fixed some minor bugs as well for improved performance.

In the new version of waze, the overall look of the app is much cleaner with less on-screen clutter and colourful buttons to support the navigation. There is a menu on the left that gives quicker access to pre-set destinations. The app also shares the ETA with the pre-set list of contact for planning your trips with your friends in the most efficient manner possible.

If you are looking for the best performance, update your waze to the latest version as soon as possible.