update gps mioWhat is GPS Mio | How to Update GPS Mio. 

Mio is a company that creates navigation support devices for navigation. Some of its popular products are MiVueTMDrive, Pilot, and spirit for car navigation and Cyclo of cycling navigation. Mio is all about providing the best facilities that provide both a safe and hassle-free ride. With its help, you can get updates very quickly. The only thing you shouldn’t forget is to update GPS Mio.

Steps to update GPS Mio

  • Connect your Mio device to the computer while it is switched on.

  • Go to the MioMore Desktop (User interface for the Mio devices) 7.50.

  • Click and install all updates available.

  • Now, close the desktop and disconnect your device.

  • If you don’t have MioMore Desktop installed, your first step is to install it.

  • Prior to start the installing you should first make sure that your PC has MioMore. If you have not installed it until now, download it here

  • Next step is to connect your device to your PC and turn it on.

  • After downloading it, Open MioMore Desktop.

  • You should see a pop up offering you a software update for MioMore. Click here to Download.

  • Select your language and start installing the updates.

  • You will soon see a screen that shows the installed updates.

  • Once you downloaded the new maps, the old maps in the device get updated automatically.

  • When the device stops installing, disconnect the device and eject it safely from your computer.

  • To have a look on the recent maps you have installed, click on the Main menu and follow the path to map version (Settings > Maps > Map version).

If you have purchased the device and the maps on it are not the latest one, you are entitled to get free updates of the latest maps up to 30 days from your purchase (the coverage and features will be the same as the previous one).

To check whether you are eligible of the latest map guarantee, you need to install Mio More desktop on your PC. Once you have downloaded the map it will get updated automatically. So update GPS Mio now and jump over your wheels for the next exciting ride.

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