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How to Update Garmin GPS ? | GPS Update Guide

It is very useful to have a GPS unit in your car so that you do not have to worry about searching for the address. You just need to say where you would like to go and you would be on your way easily without any problem. Make sure your Garmin device consists of all the lists including roads and highways in order to be successful. If your Garmin device is not fully updated, then it would creates many problems for you. In this post, we will tell you how to update Garmin GPS.

If you are not keeping your GPS current, then routes and streets would change rapidly. It would be very important for you to keep your GPS unit fully updated which helps in letting the software works smoothly. In this article you would come to know about the important steps which you prefer while updating Garmin GPS. Here are the vital steps below which can help you how to update Garmin GPS.

Use computer for connecting your device

Before going for the update, you need to connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer. It is the first step and you should it for the updating purpose. To do this, you should remove it from your truck, motorcycle or car and make sure the device is fully powered on. You can take the help of mini USB cable and put the GPS to your computer to see the progress bar scrolls. The prompt would start if you have connected the device before. If you are doing for the first time, then you need to sign in your Garmin account before proceeding further. If you do not have a Garmin account, then you can create it and then start connecting your device.

How to update Garmin GPS- Install Gamin express

Next vital step for you is to install Garmin express on your computer. You should check whether it is installed or not already on your computer. You can install by navigating to the Garmin express download page and select Download for Mac or Windows as per your preference. There you would be two download options for Mac and Windows users and they can select it as per their needs. Once the file gets downloaded, then you should click on the install button and obey the on-screen prompts. Garmin express would work with all the GPS units which includes Nuvi, Drive and to update garmin gps

If your device is coming up with the free first time map update or lifetime maps, then you would be required to install it and run install Garmin express. Once it is done, then map would be updated about 3 times in a year for sure.

Check If you are periodically plugging in your Garmin, then express would give you any time maps which are available. If you are having lifetime maps, then you would get the latest always. If you are not having it, then you would have easy option of purchasing life time maps or one time update. It is easy to get a lifetime updates if you are living a fast growing area because streets and roads change frequently. It would help you for sure to get the things quickly.

Purchase or access updates

Now, it is the perfect time to install all the updates. And now you well known how to update Garmin GPS. If Garmin express is not opened on your computer after installing, select it and check your internet connection. You should click “Add a Device” and locate the GPS. The application would look out for any available updates and provide you. Once you get it, click on “Select All” and make your device connected at the time of installing the updates. You would have the available application that came standard or free with your device. If you haven’t purchased lifetime updates, then it is the perfect time to buy them now.

Disconnect your device

Once you are done with installing the free updates, then you should select “Eject” to properly disconnect from your device and remove the USB cable from your computer. Once it is done, then you should install your GPS back in your vehicle and your directions would be accurate and you do not have to bother about anything.

You should load the new map on your Garmin once it gets rebooted. The Garmin would be able to reboot after it is disconnected from your laptop. You need to select new map after finishing booting and disable the base map if both are to update garmin gps

  • Select the “Tools” menu and choose settings
  • Choose Map and then select Map Info
  • Now uncheck old map’s box
  • Select new map’ box

So, make sure you are going through all the above mentioned vital points before updating the Garmin GPS update. The above vital points would help you updating your device easily without creating any technical issues. Try our how to update Garmin GPS guides right now!

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